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When do I need to get a building permit?
Before you erect, install, build, change the structure of a building, move or demolish a structure, you need a building permit. Any structural change to an existing structure requires a permit. Check with the Village Clerk for the appropriate permit application.

Do I need a permit to replace an existing roofing shingles?
No. If the roof line is to be changed before installing a new roof, then a permit is required.

Do I need a permit for replacement windows?
No. If the size of the window is different from the existing window, then a permit is required.

Do I need a permit for a swimming pool?
Yes, all swimming pools and hot tubs require a permit. This includes in-ground as well as above-ground and on-ground pools. All storable pools need a permit.

Do I need a permit for a hot tub?

Do I need a permit for a fence?

Do I need a permit for a small portable storage shed?
All accessory buildings including temporary portable storage sheds require a permit.

What is the ordinance for unlicensed vehicles?
All-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), go-carts, electric scooters, golf carts, etc., may be operated on private property only. 

Do I need a permit for a driveway?
No. However, you will need to contact the Street Department regarding installation of a culvert, if needed.

Can I burn leaves and yard waste in the Village?
The Village encourages residents to mulch leaves. Open burning is limited to only landscape waste which is generated on the owner’s property. Open burning is allowed only on the owner’s property (not on streets or on Village right-of-ways). Burning shall be done during daylight hours when atmospheric conditions will readily dissipate containments and when burning does not create a visibility hazard. During extremely dry conditions, open burning shall not be permitted. All open-burning shall be monitored by an individual who is 18 years old or older. The Village discourages the burning of wet leaves and green vegetation. 

Does the Village of Marine have a property maintenance policy?
The Village of Marine has a property maintenance ordinance that requires owners to maintain their property to a standard that is specified in the ordinance.
Buildings and property shall be maintained.
Property shall be mowed and free of weeds. Growth shall not exceed eight (8) inches.
Junk and trash shall not accumulate on the property.
Unlicensed vehicles shall be removed or stored in an enclosed area.

Does the Village have a pet ordinance?
While pets are welcomed, residents are limited to three domestic pets (such as two dogs and a cat). Pets must be inoculated and have a name tag affixed to their collars. All must be confined or on a leash that is no longer than six-feet. Animals are not permitted to roam unattended. Barking dogs and crying cats are considered a nuisance. Cruelty to animals shall not be permitted. When walking pets, the attendant must clean up any animal waste and dispose of it properly. The Village Park and Heritage Park have waste bags and disposal units.
Pets can receive inoculations annually at a reduced cost. Shots are given in May at the Marine Village Park. Date is posted in May.

Where are the polling places located in the Village?
Precincts I and II vote at the Marine Fire Department located at 210 S. Center Street.

Does the Village have sign ordinance?
Yes, residents should check with the Village Clerk regarding yard signs.
Signs are not permitted on the right-of-ways.
Signs shall not be attached to utility poles.
Residents do not need a permit for political, real estate, contractor, or yard sale signs.
Political signs should be removed within seven days of the election.

Can I reserve the Pavilion(s) at the Village Park or Heritage Park?
Village residents may reserve the pavilion(s) at either park. Applications and park rules are available on-line and at the Village Hall. 

Also, residents may reserve the Marine Fireman’s Park by contacting the Marine Fire Department.

Where can I rent a facility in the Village for an event?
Marine Lions Hall
St. Elizabeth Community Center
Marine Senior Citizen’s Center

Does the Village of Marine have a vehicle tax, and do I need to purchase a vehicle license sticker?
Yes, the Village of Marine has a vehicle tax. Residents are issued a vehicle tax receipt at the time of payment which should be kept in the vehicle. The Vehicle Tax is due before March 1. Applicants must furnish the clerk with the year, make, and licenses plate number of each vehicle.

How much is the tax?
Motorcycles, motor bicycles $6.00
Passenger Vehicles and Trucks under Ton$10.00
Motorized Recreational Vehicles $12.00
Trucks of ton or over$14.00

Where do I pay the vehicle tax?
Payment is made at the Village Clerk’s Office during office hours. 

What is the penalty for not paying the vehicle tax?
All persons who fail to purchase a vehicle sticker (pay vehicle tax) before March 1 shall be subject to the penalty of paying double the cost of the vehicle sticker tax. (Chapter 39; 39-1-10 PENALTY page 992 of the Marine Village Code)

How is the vehicle tax used?
All revenue derived from such license fees, except the cost of issuing the stickers (receipt) and collecting the fees, shall be kept in a separate fund and used only for paying the cost of improving, paving, repairing and maintaining the streets or alleys as is provided by statute. (Chapter 39; 39-1-10 USE OF FUNDS, page 992 of the Marine Village Code)

What Is the Ordinance For Unlicensed Vehicles?
All Terrain (ATV'S) and Golf-Carts may be operated on village designed streets, but only after purchasing a permit from the Village of Marine. (Proper documents needed: Valid Driver's License and Proof of Insurance) Go-Carts and Electric Scooters may be operated on private property only.

What is the sidewalk replacement policy?
A resident may apply to the Street Department for funding to replace or install a sidewalk in front of their resident. The Village will pay for the cost of the concrete depending on the availability of funds. The resident is responsible for the cost of labor and another material costs.

What are the sidewalk specifications?
All new sidewalks must be approved by the Street Department. Sidewalks must be 48 inches wide and 4 inches thick. 

Is a deposit required for utility services?
Yes, to receive water, sewer, and trash service the deposit and a signed agreement with Village are required. The deposit remains with the Village until service is discontinued.

How is trash service arranged?
The Village of Marine contracts with a waste hauler. Residents are billed monthly. The charge appears on the utility bill.

Does the Village of Marine have a recycling program?
Yes, recycling is mandatory. The waste hauler picks up recyclables. Free receptacles or replacement receptacles for recyclables are available at the Village Hall.

Does the Village of Marine provide police protection?
Yes, the Village of Marine has a full-time chief of police and a staff of part-time officers. 


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